The Gluten Lie

The Gluten Lie

The Gluten Lie
The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat April 21, 2015 by Alan Levinovitz

 The Gluten Lie by Alan Levinovitz

Is there a scientific basis for all the gluten fear-mongering? Is it wrong to avoid gluten if avoiding it makes you feel better? And are people actually feeling better, or is it all just in their heads?

Alan Levinovitz, who teaches philosophy and religion at James Madison University, did more than merely ask these questions; he spent years pursuing answers to them. The result is a newly published book, “The Gluten Lie,” which explores the origins, appeal and dangers of this latest food fad.

Sourced from The Washington Post




With Celiac Disease Awareness Month right around the corner does this book help or hurt the celiac community?


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