Research Shows Many Probiotics Contain Traces of Gluten

Research Shows Many Probiotics Contain Traces of Gluten

Probiotics may contain glutenResearchers at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center analyzed 22 popular, high-selling probiotics and found that more than half of them (55%) contained gluten, according to research that will be presented on May 16 at Digestive and Disease Week in Washington DC.

Using a detection technique called liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, the researchers measured the quantity of gluten in the probiotics.

Over 50% of the samples tested had gluten, sometimes even when labeled gluten-free

In general, for a product to be labeled “gluten-free,” the study authors note that gluten needs to be less than 20 parts per million. Their data show that most of the probiotics that contained gluten had less than that, but four brands contained more than the threshold. More than half of the probiotic brands tested by the researchers claimed to be gluten-free on their label.

Source: Time

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  1. Thank you, this answers why I am still so bloated and ill. I appreciate all you do to help keep us safe. Thank you.

  2. The probiotics from Nature’s Sunshine Products do not contain gluten. Their manufacturing standards are outstanding.

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