Is Taylor Swift Gluten-Free?

Is Taylor Swift Gluten-Free?

Is Taylor Swift Gluten-Free?There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is one of the most popular stars in the world.  Taylor was recently added to the Forbes list of Most Powerful Women at #64.  She also has other rankings on Forbes lists at the age of 25:

#18 Celebrity 100 (2014)

#29 in Money

#23 in Press

#5 in Social

Just a few days ago Taylor was spotted in a local NYC pizzeria ordering two gluten-free pizzas for her and her boyfriend.  Rumor has it that the both of them are on a gluten-free diet.  Why?  Not sure.

This brings me to the question I always ask myself when celebrities go gluten-free.  Will this hurt or help those of us with Celiac Disease?  Nevertheless, we are going to send her a copy of the latest Gluten-Free Buyers Guide to help her connect with the best products. I am hopeful that Taylor could share thoughtful insights to the diet. What are your thoughts?  Leave your comments below.

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