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12 Replies to “Free advanced copy of the 2020 Gluten Free Buyers Guide Sign-Up”

  1. I have been gluten free for almost five years. I truly wish this information was available when I started. This is invaluable for anyone who is or is contemplating becoming gluten free

  2. What would be a very nice thing to do for those of us who are Celiacs–could you put up a petition to encourage Glutino to continue to produce its Gluten Free toaster pastries?? I am down to three boxes, and I don’t know what I am going to do for breakfast without them!

  3. I found your Gluten Free guide immensely valuable last year. It is amazing how many companies are entering the GF market. Although there is now an ever increasing variety of products available to the Celiac, I found your guide reviews a great way to narrow my purchases. Thank you for a great Guide and I look forward to using the latest edition.

  4. This book is filled with worthwhile reviews of new and different gluten free foods. I have been Celiac diagnosed for 10 years and am excited to try some of the new items which have been recommended by other GF sufferers. The bios from many GF people offer great resources for learning more at all stages of GF.
    I know I will refer to this book often and am glad to have new things to try. Thank you so much for this publication.

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