Best Gluten-Free Bread of 2015

1best Gluten-Free Bread of 2015

Best Gluten-Free Bread Brands of 2015

Best Gluten-Free Bread Brands of 2015

The bread category continues to be one of the most popular categories in the GFA program.  Gluten-Free Bread has come a long way in a short period of time.  Now you can go into any local Target and pick a loaf off the shelf and never go down the freezer aisle.  There are so many different types of breads we kept the category simple by focusing on our favorite brands.  Personally, I will eat all of the nominated brands but prefer Canyon Bakehouse but that is not what you guys said collectively.  Below you will find the consolidated results from the thousands of you who voted in the 5th Annual Gluten-Free Awards.

Bread Brands

5th Annual Gluten-Free Awards:

1st Place: Udis

Udi's Bread Brands voted #1

2nd Place: Canyon Bakehouse

Our favorite is Canyon Bakehouse

3rd Place: Rudi’s

Rudi's take the third spot

Other nominees:


Three Bakers

Smart Flour



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