Best Gluten-Free Cookie Mixes of 2015

Best Gluten-Free Cookie Mixes of 2015

Best Gluten-Free Cookie Mixes

There is nothing better than the smell and taste of  freshly baked cookies. The best gluten-free cookie mixes in this list have the ability to bring all of the neighborhood kids to your house in seconds flat. It’s funny; we often bake cookies and give them to friends and family when they come over. We are often asked; “Are these gluten-free? I can’t tell at all!” If you were to put any of these best gluten-free cookie mixes against their gluten containing counterparts you would have people stumped. This year we had thousands of people vote for their favorite so you can connect quickly with the best gluten-free cookie mixes.

5th Annual Gluten-Free Awards:

5th Annual Gluten-Free Award

1st Place: Pamela’s Products Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

First place gltuen free cookie mix

2nd Place: Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

second place gltuen free cookie mix

3rd Place Cherrybrook Kitchen, Gluten Free Dreams, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Third place gltuen free cookie mix

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