About The Gluten Free Awards

About the Gluten Free Awards

About The Gluten Free Awards

The Gluten-Free Awards started in 2010 by Josh and Jayme Schieffer, parents of a child with Celiac Disease. After their son’s diagnosis they gutted the fridge and pantry of  gluten containing products and went to the health food store to re-stock. Josh and Jayme soon realized how expensive some of the food was and how awful some gluten free products tasted. On the other hand, some products tasted great and cost little to no more than their gluten containing counterparts. Josh and Jayme couldn’t find a single resource containing unbiased opinions about gluten free products and services so they developed The Gluten-Free Awards.   Josh has now been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and is on a mission to make life easier for those who get diagnosed and/or are intolerant to gluten.  Read more about their story.

Founders: Josh Schieffer and Jayme Schieffer with oldest son Blake and youngest son Jacob.
Founders: Josh Schieffer and Jayme Schieffer with oldest son Blake and youngest son Jacob.

Each year, people that consume gluten-free products vote on their favorites.  The results are then posted in The Gluten Free Buyers Guide.  The purpose is to provide quick and easy information to two separate parties:

· The consumer

· The Professional (Distributors, Retailers and Category Managers)

Gluten Free Buyers Guide 2019

Josh and Jayme realized quickly that spending $7.00 on a box of cookies and tossing them in the trash after one bite wasn’t the way to go. They didn’t have the health or financial freedom to experiment with the new food products and services. They wanted great tasting gluten free food and a reasonable cost without the added frustration. The Gluten Free Awards and The Gluten Free Buyers Guide i the quickest way to identify that a product or service has met the quality standards set out by the Celiac and Gluten Intolerant community.

Companies register their products each year or are nominated by the top 20-40 gluten-free bloggers. The gluten-free community then votes and the final results are then published in The Gluten-Free Buyers Guide.

Gluten Free Award

The Gluten Free Award Vision

The Gluten-Free Award will be the industry standard to signify gluten-free excellence.

The Gluten Free Award Mission

To make life easier on Celiac and Gluten Intolerant people and their families by providing quick and easy to understand comparisons about gluten free products and services.

Our Gluten Free Award Values

Comparison data will be generated for the people and by the people and never influenced by financial incentives.  (Advertising revenue, charitable gifts etc…)