The Gluten Free Awards

The Gluten Free Awards

Welcome to The Gluten Free Awards (GFA).  The GFA’s are similar to the “People’s Choice Awards” but strictly for the gluten free industry.  All  award winners are chosen by consumers through public voting.  The results are published in “The Gluten Free Buyers Guide“.

2020 Gluten Free Buyers GuideGluten Free Award

Here are some important Gluten Free Award Dates:

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July 31:  Last day for registrations
August 31: 
Voting opens to public
September 30: 
Public voting ends
November 23: 
Results announced in The 2021 Gluten Free Buyers Guide

Gluten Free AwardFree sex videos of sexy teenies Categories

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Children’s Books
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The Gluten Free Awards Story

I remember it like it was yesterday oral sex videoswhen my four-year-old son Jacob, now thirteen, was playing in the kiddie pool with other kids that I assumed were his age based on their height.  After asking all the surrounding kids what ages

The Gluten Free Awards
Jacob’s Celiac Tummy

they were, I realized Jacob was significantly smaller than kids his own age.  This prompted my wife and I to seek a professional opinion. After consulting with our family physician, she confirmed that Jacob had essentially stopped growing for an entire year without us realizing it.  He was referred to Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte North Carolina to discuss possible growth hormone therapy.  The doctors there reviewed Jacob’s case and requested a few blood tests based on some suspicions they had.

Our cell phone service at our house was terrible so when the doctor finally called with the blood results, my wife and I ran to the front of the driveway to hear the doctor clearly.  With a sporadic signal, we heard “Jacob has celiac disease.” We looked at each other as tears ran down my wife’s face.  We huddled closer to the phone and asked, “what is celiac disease?”.  After getting a brief description mixed with crappy cell service and happy neighbors waving as they drove by, my wife and I embraced and wept.  We were told to maintain his normal diet until we could have an endoscopy and biopsy for further confirmation.  Once confirmed our next visit was to a registered dietitian for guidance.

Jayme, my wife, made the appointment and called me with a weird request.  “Will you meet me at the dietitian’s house for a consultation?”.  I was confused when she said to go to her house. Jayme then explained that the dietician’s daughter had celiac disease too and the best way to show the new lifestyle to patients would be to dive right in.  I’ll admit, it was a bit uncomfortable Read More

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2020 Gluten Free Buyers Guide

Gluten Free Award Results

About The Gluten Free Awards

About The Gluten Free Awards

About The Gluten Free Awards

The Gluten-Free Awards started in 2010 by Josh and Jayme Schieffer, parents of a child with Celiac Disease. After their son’s diagnosis they gutted the fridge and pantry of  gluten containing products and went to the health food store to re-stock. Josh and Jayme soon realized how expensive some of the food was and how awful some gluten free products tasted. On the other hand, some products tasted great and cost little to no more than their gluten containing counterparts. Josh and Jayme couldn’t find a single resource containing unbiased opinions about gluten free products and services so they developed The Gluten-Free Awards.   Josh has now been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and is on a mission to make life easier for those who get diagnosed and/or are intolerant to gluten.  Read more about their story.

Founders: Josh Schieffer and Jayme Schieffer with oldest son Blake and youngest son Jacob.
Founders: Josh Schieffer and Jayme Schieffer with oldest son Blake and youngest son Jacob.

Each year, people that consume gluten-free products vote on their favorites.  The results are then posted in The Gluten Free Buyers Guide.  The purpose is to provide quick and easy information to two separate parties:

· The consumer

· The Professional (Distributors, Retailers and Category Managers)

2020 Gluten Free Buyers Guide

Josh and Jayme realized quickly that spending $7.00 on a box of cookies and tossing them in the trash after one bite wasn’t the way to go. They didn’t have the health or financial freedom to experiment with the new food products and services. They wanted great tasting gluten free food and a reasonable cost without the added frustration. The Gluten Free Awards and The Gluten Free Buyers Guide is the quickest way to identify that a product or service has met the quality standards set out by the Celiac and Gluten Intolerant community.

Companies register their products each year or are nominated by the top 20-40 gluten-free bloggers. The gluten-free community then votes and the final results are then published in The Gluten-Free Buyers Guide.

Gluten Free Award

The Gluten Free Award Vision

The Gluten-Free Award will be the industry standard to signify gluten-free excellence.

The Gluten Free Award Mission

To make life easier on Celiac and Gluten Intolerant people and their families by providing quick and easy to understand comparisons about gluten free products and services.

Our Gluten Free Award Values

Comparison data will be generated for the people and by the people and never influenced by financial incentives.  (Advertising revenue, charitable gifts etc…)

Gluten Free Award Registration

Gluten Free Award RegistrationGluten Free Award Registration

By submitting your products into The Gluten Free Awards (GFA), you are automatically entering products into the Annual Gluten Free Buyers Guide.  There are only 10 slots available in each category and we limit brands to 3 submissions per category.  If you are a marketer representing multiple brands, this typically will not apply.  Slots can fill quickly so we recommend submitting your registration ASAP.  The absolute deadline for registration is July 31st  however, we cannot guarantee you that the category is already full.

July 31:  Last day for registrations
August 31: 
Voting opens to public
September 30: 
Public voting ends
November 15: 
Results announced in The 2021 Gluten Free Buyers Guide

“How do I get into the Gluten Free Awards?”

How it works:

1. Fill out this Registration Form by adding the quantities and product names.
(A free half page ad is given for every 5 products or full page ad for 10 products.)
2. If wanted, add additional ad space to registration.
3. Email the order form to
4. We will follow up with a confirmation and invoice.

If you have any questions call customer support at 828-446-1952

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“Wait, I have tons of questions still”

Most common questions:

Q:  I am having a hard time understanding how to submit or products.

A:  Using this Registration Form will help.  If lost, don’t hesitate to call or email.  828-455-9734

Q:  What are the image specs you need?

A:  Our graphic team just needs images that are PDF, JPEG or PNG at 300 dpi or greater.  The team will normally resize images based on the publishing media.  Normally the product pictures and descriptions from your website will work just fine.

Q:  Is there a word count for product descriptions?

A:  No, we normally don’t use product descriptions just product names and images.

Q:  If we submit 10 products do we get 1 free full page ad and 2 free half page ads?

A:  Sorry, please choose one or the other.  You can always purchase additional ad space.

Q:  Can we run a full page ad without entering into the awards program?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Do we need to send you product samples?

A:  No.  The gluten-free community votes for your products.

Q:  Will we be in the guide if we don’t win an award?

A:  Yes, all products submitted will be visible as nominees.

Q:  Can we use the GFA Nominee and Winner Badge on our product packaging, website and other related media?

A:  Yes, we highly recommend using the badges to differentiate your products from the rest.  If you happen to need higher resolution images don’t hesitate to ask.  Read our media terms here.

“How do we pay?”

Payment Process

You can pay using debit, credit, PayPal, or choose to be billed later and pay by check.

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